Fourier data loggers for schools


The Fourier range of data loggers

Using Fourier’s feature packed data loggers students can explore ideas and concepts such as the effect of global warming on the climate, the dangers of pollution, how oxygen and pH levels can affect plant life in a pond ecosystem, how temperatures change with the sun's position in the sky and a whole lot more in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.


Nova 5000

The Nova is designed specifically for school needs fills the gap between laptops and handheld solutions. The screen is large enough to support 800 x 400 display permitting an excellent experience in data logging, web viewing and word processing. Portability and long battery life mean it can be used in or out of the laboratory. More...

Ecolog XL

Pocketsize remote data logger with five built-in sensors and an LCD graphical display.. More...

MultiLog PRO

The MultiLogPRO helps students perform almost any kind of measurement using a variety of over 60 sensors.

USB Link

This device represents incredible value as it turns any computer (With a USB port) into a datalogger. Every device comes with the, award winning, MultiLab software. If you’ve already invested in laptops, you can increase the return on your investment by adding the USB Link.”More...

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